By Heidi Majano

“This life I have but once to live

 These days and years are my great Treasure 

I’ll give to life all that I am and ask from her in equal measure.”

                 –Sami Sunchild 1953

Reading Sami’s letters as the holidays approach, brings forth in Helene and I a deep sense of our own mortality.  We ask ourselves, “how am I living my life?”

Our ancestors developed systems of reflection through their songs, their culture, their expressions of poetry and valued their time of reflections whether it was near a stream, under a tree or when the seasons were changing. Sami incorporated time of reflections and found creative outlets to express her journey.

When our lives are filled with doing verses receiving how much are we robbing ourselves from actual living?


We are discovering Sami’s inheritance of creative expression through the poetry her mother created and the unconditional love from her father. Both her parents supported and encouraged their daughter to blossom in the areas where she found joy and comfort.

Helene and I find ourselves reflecting on our own lives and on our own intimate relationships with our beloved family and cherished friends. Pondering on our own personal experiences, we converse on how each experience has become a colorful addition to the fabric of our own existence.