By Helene Szabados

Scissors cutting, beads falling and thoughts thinking are just some of the sounds that filled the air Saturday, December 12th at Peaceful World’s Craft & Conversation event. With all the planning and organizing that went into the occasion, we were full of excitement when we arrived with our equipment.Unpacking, setting up and settling down into our creative spaces, we prepared for a lively gathering. We eagerly commenced the activity by picking our favorite colors for the ornaments we would soon be making.

Final 2


To our pleasant surprise, friendly faces filtered into the room, fascinated by what was being created at our table.  Soon the table was full of familiar friends from around the community and we plunged into our conversation topic; “What is Peace?”   There is no feeling quite like sitting at a table of great thinkers and listening to the development of a verbal connection.

We began the activity by writing down first impressions of what we think peace is.  We then followed with the craft portion of the event; creating charming paper ornaments.  Participants were asked to keep the idea of peace in mind with each step of the craft; each cut, pin and bead was accompanied by either the memory of a peaceful experience or an idea of what a peaceful world might look like.




Later, more friends visited our table and joined the activity.  In a moment of insight I realized that my inner peace lies within the act of supporting others.  Everyone was working on the same project and giving energy to the same concept, however, because everyone was working at their own pace we were all at different stages of the activity.  Peace had finally presented itself to me; those who had finished their ornaments were helping those who had just begun the process, passing on the knowledge they had just gained.

After the ornaments were finished all participants were asked to revisit their initial definition of peace while reflecting upon their experience, the goal being a newly refreshed concept of the idea of peace. Our favorite activity is sharing, and that’s exactly what we did. Listening to each person describe their relationship with peace and how for them the act of sharing a craft brought feelings of togetherness, we built a warm and deep connection.



We are so grateful for the turnout at our delightful community event.  We hope to see and hear you all at our next event in January!

Happy New Year!