By Helene Szabados 

January 16th: On a wet Saturday morning, we once again found ourselves at the front doors of Creative Canopy. With supplies in hand and peace in our hearts, we set up our table for the Peaceful World Foundation Resolution Scroll event. Unsure how the weather would affect the number of participants, we began the activity with just a few people.

Soon, we were graced with the presence of our first guest; a sweet young girl named Louise. Along with her charm, Louise brought powerful words and creative skills to the table. We noticed that a majority of participants were younger this time around. Quickly adjusting the agenda to accommodate a more youthful crowd, we discussed the unique ways other cultures celebrate the New Year’s tradition.




At full capacity, our event table was covered with colorful scrolls, doodles, smiles and giggles. We asked each participant to draw, write or sing their favorite moment of 2015 and what they anticipate most in 2016. We all focused on expressing our favorite moments and expectations, beginning with inspiration and a blank piece of paper.

Like many of our other events, we were surrounded by helpful, caring individuals. All helped others finish their scrolls. Some helped others draw what they wanted to express while others helped with the structure of the scroll. Some came up with additional decorative features which made each and every scroll special.


At this wonderful event, we were once again reminded how much joy and innocence children carry with them. We hope to see more youngsters around our table in the future to affirm the importance of being creative and buoyant through the use of cooperative art and conversations.