By Helene Szabados

Legacy [leg-uh-see] n:
Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.

Blog 3

With the passing of Sami Sunchild came a responsibility for the members of The Peaceful World Foundation to carry on her legacy of peace, art and connection.  Peaceful World’s Craft & Conversation event, last Saturday, was the quintessence of this legacy; families and friends connecting over peaceful conversations and art.

The craft planned for this event was making a rose out of crepe paper.  The flower represents our ever blossoming legacies.  Similar to the way we cultivate gardens of flowers, we also create gardens of legacies; we plant the seeds of our ideas, nurture and love those ideas and watch them grow to later inspire and pollinate new legacies.  The legacy Sami left for the world has made it possible for the Peaceful World Foundation to build peace one conversation and craft at a time.

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This event was particularly special as we were expecting two guests from Peaceful World history; our dear friends Danielle and Kate.  These young ladies were building peace one conversation at a time back when Peaceful World conversations were held every Sunday at the Red Victorian in San Francisco.  Each time Kate or Danielle join us for a Peaceful World Conversation,  I learn an unforgettable lesson about myself.  We are so grateful to have such inspirational participants as part of our community.

To our pleasant surprise, we had a familiar family of faces at this event as well.  A family that had participated at our last event was once again gathered around our table and had brought with them a handful of friends from around the neighborhood.  With our table full of enthusiastic participants our event was off to a great start.  I began by demonstrating each step of making a paper rose, explaining how each step is a symbolic model for building a legacy.  It was charming to see parents helping children, friends helping each other and the warm connections we shared through conversation.


At the end of the craft, each participant had a handful of colorful flowers.  As in life, across the whole table not one flower was the same.  Each person had their own unique flower or bouquet of flowers.  I posed the question for this event; ‘What is my legacy?  What am I leaving behind for future generations?’

For a few guests this question was relatively simple.  Kate shared a beautiful response about holding ‘peace in her heart through her presence’ as the foreground to all that she hopes to accomplish.  I asked the mothers around the table what lessons they hope to leave behind for their children to carry with them.  Alma, our special guest who invited friends from her community, responded with, “I hope for my daughter to trust in herself”.  Another parent spoke about her own experience being emotionally present for her daughter throughout her array of emotions, explaining the importance stability brings to a developing child.

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We appreciate the participation of all our guests at this event and all our previous events.  We also couldn’t have made this possible without the help and support from Creative Canopy.  This event was a flower from the seeds of Sami Sunchild’s legacy, building peace one conversation at a time.