By Helene Szabados

Digging through archives and the storage unit, Peaceful World Foundation has been preparing for the launching and reception of The Life and Times of Sami Sunchild.  We have been planning this event since the beginning of the year. Excitement is brewing for this event, as we step into our role as a private charitable foundation and share our work with communities from around the Bay Area.


Early in June we hired Ric Victores, as our event planner. With dedication and professionalism, Ric is helping us put all the pieces together. Along with his vast network and efficient marketing skills, we found the momentum we have been searching for. As longtime friends of Peaceful World Foundation and the Red Victorian, Ric, Kate, and Danielle are making this event all the more meaningful.

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Sami has left behind a colorful collection of art and history which we have found pleasure in organizing and cataloging for over a year. We feel a deep sense of satisfaction in our hard work bringing together these art pieces and creating this momentous event. By celebrating peace, art and community, we are joyfully anticipating a heartwarming event with old friends, new friends and peace art.

Hope to see all of you there.