By Helene Szabados and Heidi Majano

Setting up our table bright and early, Peaceful World Foundation was eager to host our breakfast conversation. We warmly welcomed a full table of people from around the Presidio including members of The Pachamama Alliance and Artseed. Due to the cancellation of the last conversation, Peaceful World Foundation chose to combine the topics and create a two part conversation. We opened up the conversation with an ice breaker, “What part of your daily routine do you enjoy the most?” Many of us bonded over taking an extra hour to appreciate the quiet moments of a still morning. One of the participants expressed that making time for herself in the morning helps her accomplish more for others throughout the day.




The icebreaker lead us straight into the first part of the conversation as we posed the question, “Living a fulfilled life is an interesting inquiry. What does it mean to care for one’s life? What is your self-care plan?” I started by sharing my perception of what self-care is; essentially it is the relationship I hold with myself. Occasionally, I make the space to take myself out on a date and treat myself the way I would want to be treated on a romantic date. By doing this, I gain self-respect and clarity.

We went around the table, listening to each person’s experience with self-care. One guest shared his difficulties with finding his “no”. He explained, he is somewhat of a “yes”-man and finds himself overextended when he agrees to do something without considering himself. He practices self-advocacy by recognizing when it is time to say no. We concluded that there are infinite ways to build a relationship with one’s self. A few of the practices we discussed as a group were the following:

  • Learning about my heritage and family history
  • Creating time to do the things I enjoy
  • Writing to structure my thoughts
  • Making space for contemplation and reflection
  • Advocating for myself



We transitioned into our next topic, transitioning from an inward reflection to an outward affection. We posed the question, “Feeling connected and understood is an intrinsic human need, yet often times we have difficulties relating to others. What approaches can we try to help us relate to others?” A friend of Peaceful World Foundation answered the question using Sami’s six ingredients to a good conversation. Heidi related, “Although I have been reading the ingredients for the past five years, I find myself incorporating them in my daily conversations and find that relating to others is easier.” Another participant shared that having a sincere sense of curiosity for others and the world around us helps us be open to our present situation. Once again, there are many methods to relating to others, we summed up a handful of practices including:

  • The Six Ingredients to a Good Conversation
  • Having a sincere sense of curiosity
  • Observing the ways I affect others
  • Paying attention to my environment




“The greatest gift we can give to the world are relationships that work.”

                                                                                -Sami Sunchild, artist and activist; 1979

Peaceful World Breakfast Conversations are a quality opportunity to get to know yourself and the community around you a little better. We host regular conversation events at the Presidio’s Rx Café which we encourage you to take part in. You can find our event information on our social media,

Relationships are an essential part of everyday living; with practice and presence we can build peace one conversation at a time.