By Helene Szabados

Let peace begin with me and spread out from this place.”  -Sami Sunchild

In our fast paced world, peace can seem inaccessible at times. Stress and feelings of loneliness begin to seep through and relief appears to be running away from us. Even in our darkest hours, peace is within us; it can be as easy as friends, food and good conversation. Peaceful World Foundation celebrated our Peace in the Presidio picnic event, Thursday, June 29th. Many organizations from the Tides Non-profit Sector came out to play and together we filled the air with bubbles, laughter and connection.


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In the planning of this picnic, Heidi and I wanted to create an event that was easy to say yes to. Therefore, we kept it simple, central and friendly.  We put together a shopping list of fun picnic goodies, packed our boxes of promotional give away gear and contacted our hippie amigos at Holistic Underground for some enthusiastic assistance. Both Heidi and I enjoyed making decorations for the event by hand.  When we were covered in glitter and glue, we were all smiles and giggles. We crafted handmade invitations to give out around the Thoreau Center in the Presidio and along with Facebook invites and promotional emails, we highlighted the opportunity to network and connect with others.  We were diligent when it came to in-person promotions, consistently reminding friends that we would be providing adult face-painting, instruments, hula-hoops, bubbles and networking opportunities.




As we stood out on the lawn and looked over our quaint event area, we couldn’t help but feel the buzzing of excitement wiggling around us. Faces both familiar and new started pouring in and within a few minutes our area was filled with a community of peace builders. We had dogs, babies, hippies, artists, healers, and others floating around; connecting with one another.



At the core of our event,  we organized a moment of silence for peace in the world followed by a jam circle for everyone to participate in. We all gathered as Holistic Underground led the moment of silence; a powerful moment indeed. Shortly after, someone requested we go around the circle and express one intention we have for the world. We wrapped it up with a friendly invitation to pick up an instrument or dance around in a charming jam circle. We had maracas, rain sticks, drums, guitars, tambourines and once again Holistic Underground led the way into a meaningful song we could all sing along to.


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Our minds like to play tricks on us, convincing us that peace is impossible, but we all have peace within and the ability to spread it around. Be like glitter and spread your sparkly inner peace all over the place.

Each of us is making the world what it is.”         -Sami Sunchild, San Francisco, 1980