By Helene Szabados

Peaceful World Foundation has finished its first round of mid-year visits to our 2017 grantees. The organizations we have visited so far included Dalai Lama Fellows, The Cultural Conservancy and Holistic Underground. We would like to share our appreciation for the efforts these organizations have contributed to building a more peaceful world.




We started our mid-year meetings with a visit to Dalai Lama Fellows, an organization devoted to cultivating a global movement of young leaders by applying universal values to solve global challenges. We funded Dalai Lama Fellows’ transition to an interactive online platform to build a stronger and broader connection between their Fellows. Through the platform they have been able to improve progress tracking and to receive feedback from the fellows about the curriculum. The fellows have also been able to make connections with each other through the online platforms. The success of Dalai Lama Fellows’ platform has furthered interests and partnerships with the University of Virginia to incorporate their mindful leadership building curriculum into a college program.


Dalai Lama-1
Silence is not just about relaxing one’s mind and getting into imaginations. It’s a state of inner calmness, where the weight of the physical environment is released, and one feels free, a sense of explainable freedom that connects the soul, the heart and the mind. At the end of a period of silence, I have deepened my perceptions and have better feelings about myself, things that I couldn’t see before. This is the transformation that comes to me with silence.”                                                         – Lucia Lebasha, Kenya


Following our visit with the Fellows, we reunited with The Cultural Conservancy, a returned 2016 grantee. The Cultural Conservancy is an organization protecting and restoring indigenous cultures through the direct application of traditional knowledge and practices on their ancestral land. Peaceful World Foundation has funded The Cultural Conservancy’s Native Youth Guardians of the Waters Program for two consecutive years. They have recently found the youths’ shift in interest from activism to self-care and are working to find ways to implement more self-care into their program. They are also working to find ways to create internships for their guardians, turning the program into an alternative way of building college credits.



Our most recent mid-year visit was with Holistic Underground, an organization creating an integrative model for community development by uniting the arts, social justice and holistic health. We have seen Holistic Underground blossom over the past few years since their first grant application in 2016. Although we did not accept their first application, these young entrepreneurs showed resilience and perseverance when they re-applied in 2017.

At a Peaceful World Conversation, Holistic Underground made a lasting connection with Commonweal, one of Peaceful World Foundation’s 2016 grantees. The connection would go on to serve Holistic Underground with many tools to navigate the nonprofit world. Commonweal, a collaboration of local organizations and individuals with a mission to establish community, became Holistic Underground’s fiscal sponsor and took on a mentorship role for the young organization.



In 2017, Holistic Underground came back with a new enthusiasm for the Peaceful World Foundation grant cycle. We funded Holistic Underground’s HeartSpace Program and are proud to report the progress we have seen develop from these young motivated community builders. They work with a diverse group of people, everyone from homeless to wealthy tech, introducing their curriculum for Holistic Organizational Development Service. With our grant they have been able to strengthen their organizational core and broaden the network of people they work with. They are seeking new ways to relate to the new technological world of business.




Visiting our grantees, re-establishes Peaceful World Foundation’s purpose of supporting organizations who foster a culture of global peace. Our grant funding process goes beyond funding, as we unite organizations working toward the same goals to further the efforts of building peace in the areas of art, education and holistic well being.


Peaceful World Foundation on a site visit to our 2017 grantee,  Holistic Underground.