Written by Dave Whitridge

On October 28th we had a nostalgic session to share our memories of the Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast.  People who had visited or worked at the Red Vic joined in from as far away as Hawaii and Vancouver. Tamara Randall, Sami Sunchild’s granddaughter, got us off to a great start by recalling her time as a child visiting with her family and living there for a while.

My grandma made her guests feel welcomed.

Tamara Randall

There followed some discussion about how Sami Sunchild had bought the shoddy building in 1977 and worked her wonders on it in decorating each room with themes and establishing the Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast and Peace Center.

A few of the Red Vic’s decorative guest rooms.

People talked about their first impression on seeing and entering the building and the feeling of inspiration and  warmth and “being at home”. Our Executive Director, Heidi Majano, told about how she first visited the Red Vic to find a room for a visiting friend and was offered a job by Sami to work there.

What are you doing for peace in the world?

Sami Sunchild

Many fond memories of the Sunday breakfast conversations were shared and Sami’s curiosity about people and enthusiasm in getting them to talk about their lives and how they could promote peace in their community and the world.

Heidi shared a short video (attached to the end of this blog) and a photo of  Sami’s sign in the lobby which among other things encouraged guests to learn to host conversations around the world and replicate them in their own communities.

Helene mentioned Sami’s evoking new ways of thinking and Genesis reflected on how nice it would be after our current time of isolation to see conversations starting up in restaurants today.

“Entering the Red Vic was warm and so inviting with all the artwork. The person at the front desk was very welcoming and I thought to myself I want to be part of this community.

Melody from Canada

Although the Red Vic conversations can only be a happy memory in these current times of Covid and distancing, the enthusiasm and momentum engendered by those is very much alive through Sami’s creation of the Peaceful World Foundation.

Near the close Marcus Penn read Sami’s poems “Let It Be Me” which included the desire to continually have “two ears to listen and always questions to pose”.

Sami’s inspired vision has resulted in the funding and support of numerous organizations throughout the Bay Area and beyond that continue and expand the momentum she started.  As Sami so aptly stated:

“Let Peace begin with me and spread out from this place”.

Sami Sunchild
Remembering the Red Vic 2020