By Genesis Barazza

Our conversation to explore the origins of the peace symbol played on the old saying, “…things are not always as they seem.” Growing up, I was incorrectly told that the peace symbol was a symbol that invoked evil.

The truth couldn’t be farther from that zealous lie!

Peace Buttons Designed by Sami Sunchild

Art teacher and our guest for the day, Greta Severson walked us through the curious history of the peace symbol and revealed that the artist, Gerald Holtom, was actually inspired by the naval flag signals for N and D of Nuclear Disarmament while living through the Nuclear Arms Race. 

We were all closely listening to Greta’s presentation.

We also heard from Board Member Dave, Mrs. Fernandes, and Mr.Rosinski who were also coming of age during the Nuclear Arms Race. Despite the uneasy feelings all citizens of the world were experiencing, they all three remember finally feeling hope at the sight of the peace symbol and its international appearance in peace marches. 

Learning world history from another person’s perspective is always refreshing. In a world where nuclear arms still exist, I am honored to part in our community’s resilient movement for world peace and pledge to always use the peace symbol with pride.

With gratitude and appreciation, a Thank you to our special guest speakers Mr. John Rosinski and Mrs. Reese Fernandes for sharing their stories on how the peace movement of the 60’s shaped their adult lives.

-Heidi Majano, Executive Director of the Peaceful World Foundation

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