By Heidi Majano, Executive Director of the Peaceful World Foundation

Celebrating the peace building work of our grantees brings great joy to our organizational efforts as a grant making foundation.

Here are a few examples:

The Mosaic Project

‘This is what peace looks like.’ Vicki said, gesturing to a room of nearly 100 4th and 5th graders. The 16-year-old Youth Leader’s voice was filled with emotion as she spoke. Of the many magical Mosaic moments over the past 21 years, this is one in particular I’ve been thinking about lately.

Lara Mendel, Co-Founder/Executive Director

Receiving funding from the Peaceful World Foundation in 2018, the Mosaic Project has demonstrated resilience and solidarity in their mission.

Lara Mendel is reflecting on an activity at the Outdoor Project which captures the complexity of our changing world within movement and creative activities.

Our collaborative work included exploring themes around Advocacy and Diversity. We attended their fund raising events and found ways to continue fostering our relationships.

Mosaic’s Fund Raising Event

Roots & Routes

Resourcefully emerging out of a global pandemic, our diverse youth seized the opportunity for mentorship, engagement, and conversation between community leaders and youth around the world.

Juli Hazelwood, Co-Founder/Executive Director

Receiving funding from the Peaceful World Foundation in 2021, Roots and Routes, a relatively new organization has actively participated in several of our peaceful world conversations.

As we cultivated our collaborative peace building efforts, Juli and I generated a series of themes around International Community Development and Engagement which we will co-facilitate together within Roots and Routes’ Youth Visionary Collective Program.

Our first peaceful world conversation with Roots and Routes

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