Peaceful World Conversations

Building peace one conversation at a time.

About Our Conversations

We are dedicated to fostering a culture of global peace through the promotion of hosted conversations and education. -Peaceful World Foundation

Peaceful World Conversations are opportunities to:

  • Share and reflect on our life journeys
  • A time to replenish, recharge and renew
  • Grow in self-knowledge, ask meaningful questions, and co-create new possibilities together.

Our Mission is grounded towards building peace in the world one conversation at a time and providing support for non profit organizations in their community peace building efforts in the field of the arts and mindful education.

A peaceful world conversation on the topic of mindfulness facilitated by Doug Lerch, Founder and Executive Director of Seeds of Awareness.

When we talk and listen with others at a breakfast conversation we are actively becoming peace-makers. Developing relationships and sharing personal experiences in conversations is a great way for all of us to be the changes we want to see in the world.

Our founder, Sami Sunchild crafted the “Six Ingredients of a Good Conversation” peace card as a result of her observations during her four decades of travels.

Ingredients of a Good Conversation:

  • Differences – New Points of View
  • Similarities – Shared Feelings and Experiences
  • Speaking – From Life Experience Not Theory
  • Listening – Really Listening
  • Understanding – Empathy Not Persuasion
  • Brevity – Keep it Short and to the Point

•Stay Safe  •Stay Healthy  •Stay Connected 

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